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Lazy-loading content with angular-cli

A quick example of creating a lazy-loaded module with angular-cli.

Create reusable chart components with Angular 2 and D3.js version 4


Integrate D3.js (version 4) with the Angular 2 component life cycle to create reusable charts and other visualizations that support animation and dynamic data.

Using Auth0 with Angular 2 and angular-cli

angular2Auth0‘s standard Angular 2 quick-start uses SystemJS and loads the Auth0 Javascript files globally from index.html. That’s fine for demo purposes, but not ideal for production. I’ve created a github repo (and some additional notes in this gist) that demonstrates using Auth0 with an Angular 2 app generated with angular-cli. This example loads Auth0 as modules and lets Webpack bundle it with the rest of your Javascript.

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