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Fixing the “This PC Can’t Be Upgraded to Windows 10” issue for May update 1903 (for real)

Cmder tip: enable forward slash completion

Cmder includes better command-line tab completion – normally, paths will be completed using the default Windows path separator, the backslash (“\”). But Windows has recognized the forward slash (“/”) as an optional path separator for a while now and there are instances where this might be desirable, especially if you switch between Windows and Unix-like environments (macOS, Linux) often as I do.


Creating a web development environment for Windows that doesn’t suck

While it’s true that many open source projects consider Windows a second class citizen, the reality is that it continues to be the operating system of choice for most business environments and many developers find themselves with no alternative. But this doesn’t mean you have to settle for a poor experience.

As far as code editing goes, you won’t have a problem. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of great web editors/IDEs to choose from for Windows. Atom, SublimeText, WebStorm and others both free and non are all great choices each with their own pros and cons.… Read More...

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